Mars Curiosity rover: Best tweets so far from the Red Planet

mars-shadow.jpgThe Mars Curiosity rover has been busy since her miraculous landing on the Red Planet Aug. 5 -- roving, sightseeing, taking stunning photographs and...tweeting.

Yes, the cute car-size robot on wheels has a Twitter account, @MarsCuriosity, and she's been tweeting up a (dust) storm since her touchdown in Gale Crater.

Here are just a sampling of her cheeky messages and Twitpics:

" Me & My Shadow... & Mount Sharp. My view of the 3-mile-high mountain in the middle of Mars' Gale crater "

" Area 51? No, Quad 51 is where I landed on Mars. Here's a map of Gale crater. (PS - I come in peace) "

" Zoom. Enhance. This "CSI: Mars" video shows evidence of my landing strewn across Gale crater "

" Heads up! No, really. My head's up. Mast deploy successful. I'm looking around, taking Navcam images"

"Good golly miss MAHLI! New color pic from Mars Hand Lens Imager shows tan sands, no @instagram req "

"'Scene of the Crime; image of my landing site + scattered #MSL hardware. Sharing science? Guilty as charged " .

"I'm safely on the surface of Mars. GALE CRATER I AM IN YOU!!! "

"Entering Mars' atmosphere. 7. Minutes. Of. Terror. Starts. NOW "

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Photo/Video credit: NASA