Martha Stewart helps Rachael Ray bake: It's a good thing

rachaelray_marthastewart.jpgNeed help with baking? Turn to Martha Stewart. Just be careful about what you say.

Rachael Ray may be the "30-Minute Meals" maven, but she's always avoided actual baking. Not only is it a rather time-consuming activity for the speedy food personality, but her cooking style often uses rather inexact measurements (palmful of this, twice around the pan with oil, etc.).

On the lucky Friday the 13th episode of "The Martha Stewart Show," the perpetually perky Ray visited and learned to bake. The meeting of domestic divas was the second this week. On Thursday, Nov. 12, Stewart visited the set of Ray's show.

Check out the Ray trying her hand at baking her first pie:

Okay, this is why we love Martha Stewart. It's not that she taught us how to organize our linens  (put sheets in the matching pillow case), but this lady has some wicked dry humor and mocks everyone, including herself. Also, have you seen her daughter Alexis' show "Whatever, Martha!"? It's a show all about mocking her mom.

Here are a few Martha Stewart quote highlights from her visit on the "Rachael Ray" show Thursday:

  • "I've been around a lot longer than you have. Maybe five years or so."
  • "But in prison -- I went to prison by the way -- in prison I did a lot of things. I have had a full life. But in prison I took pottery because that was one of the things that kept you busy at night. [Prison is] pretty boring ... I'm never going back to West Virginia by the way. If you're from West Virginia, I'm never visiting."
  • "'This Is It' is such a good movie. It makes you realize that Michael -- he was 50 years old, a young, young 50 -- handsome, he could still dance. It was all rehearsal for the show that never happened ... The movement, his dancing and the young people who he had brought into this new show who were so devoted to him -- I'm sorry we never got to see the show. It's a real eye-opener. But if you haven't seen it, it is definitely a very worthwhile two hours."
  • "I sat next to [Michael Jackson] at Liza Minnelli's wedding, the last wedding, that disaster wedding. Michael Jackson was so talkative and nice, spoke in that gentle, soft voice. I'm so glad that I got to meet him."
  • "I like rap. When you come to my show you'll see. Rap is fabulous."
  • About daughter Alexis going vegan: "We raised her on livestsock and we had these sweet little lambs. One day, we decided Plantagenet was going to go, and so I served Plantagenet for dinner and I told my husband and my daughter that the rare porkchops were cooked rare perfectly in the French style. Alexis looked at me and said, 'This is not pork. This is Plantagenet.' So that was one reason."
Ray is definitely friendlier, but Stewart's sarcasm gets us every time. We're also kind of scared of her and wouldn't want to meet her in a dark alley.

Did you watch? What did you think?

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