Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel 'feud' continues: Guillermo crashes 'Elysium' interview

Jimmy Kimmel is taking his "feud" with Matt Damon to the actor's home turf. Damon is currently making the rounds promoting his new movie "Elysium," but during one interview he found himself interrupted by Kimmel's colleague Guillermo Diaz.

Diaz claimed he was there to promote his new movie "Estupido," a story of a man who is stupid. "I'm very proud of this movie," he deadpans to the camera in Spanish. "This is the best movie I have ever made. It's about a stupid man who has a friend named Ben. Who is also stupid. And he's from Boston. He is very stupid."

When Damon tries to send him away, Diaz reveals he was also there promoting another movie: "A** Face." That prompts Damon to give Kimmel a "once and for all" message ... but you'll have to watch the above video to see how that attempt ends.

Do you still find Damon and Kimmel's fake feud funny?

Photo/Video credit: ABC