Matt Damon is part machine in first 'Elysium' poster

The next movie from the director of "District 9," Neill Blomkamp, is scheduled for theaters August 9. "Elysium" stars Matt Damon and Jodie Foster, and is set in the year 2159, where the world has been divided into the very rich and the poor.

The rich live in a palatial space station called Elysium, while everyone else is forced to stay on a ruined planet Earth. Enter Damon's character, a resident of Earth who needs to get on board Elysium, for medical care.

The first poster for the film was released Monday, care of Yahoo, with a trailer expected Tuesday. The poster shows Damon, in a shot from behind, with robotics attached to his body.

Footage from "Elysium" was first shown at Comic-Con in 2012. The movie was first scheduled for release in March, before being pushed back to August.

Check out the full poster below:

Photo/Video credit: TriStar