Matt Lauer's fake mistress Alexis Houston was a man?

alexis-houston-sitting.jpg Matt Lauer did not sleep with that woman, er, man , um, person.

Confused? So are we. Alexis Houston, formerly known as Wellington Houston, is a singer who allegedly claimed to be related to  Whitney Houston.

She recently held a press conference with attorney Gloria Allred to squelch the rumored sexual affair with Matt Lauer. Of course, Rachel Uchitel and Gloria also denied her affair with Tiger Woods and we all know how that turned out. But here comes the best part. Alexis is a transsexual and was born a man, the NY Post reports.

Whitney Houston once sued the male version named Wellington (whose original name was Stuart) in 1996 because he was claiming to be her cousin. Whitney alleged that Wellington used her name to defraud an elderly New York doctor of $100,000 using credit cards and forged checks.