Matt Smith wants to be on 'The Walking Dead': See him as a zombie - Pic

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Now that Matt Smith has left "Doctor Who," it's time to figure out what's next. Starring in a musical version of "American Psycho" was one way to follow the show, but what about appearing on another series?

While attending Wizard World New Orleans, Smith was asked which TV shows he would like to pop up on. According to, his first answer was "Breaking Bad," He then remembered that has already ended. His second choice? "I love 'The Walking Dead,'" Smith says. "That would be cool."

Smith being among the masses of walkers would be a welcome addition. Sure, they don't really stunt cast zombies on "The Walking Dead," but can't an exception be made for a Time Lord?

If you're at all curious what a walker Matt Smith could look like, Zap2it went ahead did the work for you. It just takes a little time with the "Walking Dead: Dead Yourself" app, which allows you to turn a photo of just about anyone and give them the zombie treatment. He looks like a perfectly acceptable walker, don't you think?

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images