Max Adler returning to 'Glee' final season - as Blaine's boyfriend?

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max-adler-returning-glee-final-season.jpg "Glee" is bringing back another familiar face for its sixth and final season: presumably reformed bully Dave Karofsky, a.k.a. Max Adler.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Adler will have a "major" arc in at least four of the final 13 episodes, and he will possibly be "romantically entangled" with Blaine. As Season 5 ended, Blaine and Kurt were engaged.

Is one of "Glee's" most popular couples, Klaine, broken up? Season 6 is set to feature a time jump, so it could be legit -- or it could be a dream sequence, or the intel could be slightly off.

What do you think of Karofsky and Blaine's potential coupling? Are you worried for the fate of Klaine?
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images