Maxwell's closing: New Jersey music venue done after July

bruce-springsteen-glory-days-maxwells-closing.jpg Maxwell's, a restaurant and live music venue that has been a staple of the Hoboken music scene for over 30 years, hosting acts like Nirvana and Bruce Springsteen's "Glory Days" video shoot, is closing its doors this summer.

Todd Abramson, co-owner of Maxwell's, tells the New Jersey Star-Ledger that it's getting difficult to run a business in the Hudson River town and since the lease is up, they're going to call it quits.

"We were offered a [lease] renewal with rates that weren't necessarily onerous. They were in keeping with the city. But after much thought, given the changing nature of Hoboken and the difficulties of trying to run a business in this town, we decided it was time," says Abramson.

"The culture in Hoboken is driven by TV now. A lot of the bars downtown are fighting with each other for who has the most giant TVs. That's what Hoboken nightlife has become," he continues.

"When I first heard that Maxwell's might close, I made it a priority to do everything we could to help them stay open," says Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer. "While I'm saddened to see it go, I understand that things change, and Todd and his team did everything they could to make it work."

Abramson says on July 31, the last day they'll be open, they're going to invite back the first act to play Maxwell's, the band "a".
Photo/Video credit: YouTube