May the Fourth Be With You: 10 'Star Wars' GIFs to celebrate May 4

carrie-fisher-star-wars-7-leia.jpgSaying "May the Fourth Be With You" on the fourth of May could be just a semi-clever inside joke "Star Wars" fans use to celebrate their special day. Except even pop culture dummies know the catchphrase "May the Force Be With You," so consider May 4 as "Star Wars" Day for everyone!

In honor of the unofficial holiday, we present 10 classic "Star Wars" GIFs for your viewing pleasure. Warning: Some of these are highly addictive.

star-wars-c3po-this-is-madness.gif star-wars-obi-wan-arent-droids-youre-looking-for.gif star-wars-ewok.gif star-wars-yoda-do-not-try.gif star-wars-salacious-crumb.gif star-wars-max-rebo.gif star-wars-han-solo.gif star-wars-anakin-skywalker-jedis-dont-die.gif star-wars-lightsaber-luke-skywalker-darth-vader.gif star-wars-darth-vader-no.gifWe hope J.J. Abrams has committed all of these to memory.
Photo/Video credit: Lucasfilm