Meet Andy Garcia's daughter Dominik Garcia-Lorido

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andy-garcia-daughter-dominik-garcia-lorido-2.jpgActor Andy Garcia recently stepped out with a statuesque beauty on his arm -- none other than his daughter, Dominik Garcia-Lorido, pictured above with Garcia at the premiere of "A Glimpse Inside The Mind of Charles Swan III" in Hollywood on Feb. 4.

Dominik, 29, is the eldest of Garcia's four children with wife María Victoria Lorido, whom Garcia married in 1982. They also have kids Daniella, 25, Alessandra, 21 and Andres, 11.

But their oldest daughter Dominik is starting to make a name for herself in the entertainment world, starring on Starz's series "Magic City." Dominik plays Mercedes Lazaro, a Cuban-American housekeeper in training to be a stewardess and love interest to Christian Cooke's character Danny.

Dominik definitely learned from the best growing up, telling the Huffington Post, "I love acting. I would really love to produce my own stuff and other stuff. My dad always produces and I would always sit in producers' meetings with him. I like the whole thing of putting a movie together. I think that's very exciting."

"Magic City" returns to Starz in April for its second season.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images