Meet Elyse Porterfield, 'HPOA' and current queen of Internet hoaxes

elyse-porterfield-hoax.jpgDowntrodden office workers everywhere found a new heroine this week when a young woman named "Jenny" quit her job via a series of photos exposing her venal boss.

Sadly, the story and the series of photos where "Jenny" wrote her resignation on a white board turned out to be a hoax. A really well-done, wish-fulfilling hoax, starring a young actress named Elyse Porterfield.

The story appeared on Tuesday (Aug. 10), and the background was this: Jenny decided to quit her job after overhearing her boss call her a "HPOA" -- that's "hot piece of a**," in case you're wondering -- on a phone call. In a series of photos, she spells out her reasons for quitting on white board, including that her boss, "Spencer," has bad breath and spends an inordinate amount of time playing Farmville.