Meet Lauren Conrad's adorable new puppy, Fitz

lauren-conrad-new-puppy-fitz.jpg Lauren Conrad adopted a new puppy recently, and basically you just need to look at the photos she's posted of him on her instagram account because he is THE CUTEST.

Conrad already has a rescue named Chloe, 4, and decided to welcome Fitz into her family after meeting the little guy at an impromptu trip to an animal shelter. "Never go to the animal shelter 'just to look' ... it never ends that way," she warns.

Can you blame her? Look at the cutie pie. It's hard to decide which photo is cuter: the one of him swaddled in a blanket, the one of him snoozing on someone's lap, or the ones of new siblings Fitz and Chloe bonding.

Wonder where the name Fitz came from. Maybe she's a "Pretty Little Liars" fan...

lauren-conrad-puppies.jpg lauren-conrad-dogs.jpg
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images/Lauren Conrad