Meet Logo's 'The A List: Dallas' cast: Five gays... and their gal pal

Logo's "The A List: New York" was a big hit for the network and those gays are already shooting Season 2. And no doubt they're trying to figure out new ways to go shirtless and perfect their angry drink toss. 

So, Logo has moved on to fulfilling its own man-ifest destiny and headed west with its new series,  "The A List: Dallas." 

It's packed with the kind of men you'd expect from "The A List": A gossip, the overachiever, a perfectionist, a trust fund baby, and a bad boy. But, wait, who's this drag queen? Oh, sorry, it's just their perky gal pal.

Meet the Dallas cast:

The gossip: Phillip, 23, Entrepreneur/Socialite
With no actual career to speak of, Philip sounds like he's all up in everyone's business.


The overachiever: Beau, 31, Photographer
When the Dallas native isn't working as a fashion photographer (in the high fashion state of Texas no less), you can find him at the bars.


The perfectionist: Chase, 27, Real Estate/Equity Investments
Say hello to Dallas' own "American Psycho." He's renovating his home himself, considered at the top of his career, and he's a serial dater in his quest for Mr. Right.


The trust fund baby: James, 22, Family money
Impulsive and always at the center of the action. After all, he can afford to be.


The bad boy: Levi, 26, Former rodeo star/Fashion designer
A former rodeo pro until an injury ended his career. He apparently has a drunk driving arrest to boot (hah, pun!). He's currently designing a line of swimwear targeted to the gay demo. We told you! Dallas is a high fashion mecca.


The gal pal: Ashley, 25, Photographer/Model/Cheerleading coach
She's a photographer, model and cheerleading coach from a conservative family? It's Texas. Of course she is.


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What do you think? Which ones make your underpants do a line dance?
Photo/Video credit: Logo