Meet Sarah Butler: 'I Spit on Your Grave' star talks nude scenes, torture

sarah-butler-spit-on-grave.jpg Sarah Butler once played Belle at Disneyland, but her latest role is a far cry from a fairy-tale princess. The relative unknown (except for a handful of under-the-radar TV appearances) is taking the lead in this month's unrated remake of "I Spit On Your Grave."

Butler plays Jennifer, a novelist who survives a brutally violent sexual assault against all odds and returns to get revenge on her attackers. The film is unrated as filmmakers were unable to remove enough graphic, horrific scenes to obtain an MPAA rating.

Despite the movie poster, in which you can't see Butler's face, but her rear end is showcased, the actress says that the film isn't sexual in nature. "There has been some major updating," she tells USA Today. "One of the biggest updates we've done to it is that instead of approaching her revenge by using her sexuality as a weapon, in our version I don't do that at all. I use my cunning and my brute force to capture and torture and kill these men."