Meet 'The Bachelorette' men: The Favorites (SPOILERS)

ali-bachelorette-one.jpgHaving screened the first episode of Ali Fedotowsky's upcoming season of "The Bachelorette," Zap2it is here to provide you with some sneak peeks at the contestants. First up -- the Favorites. Don't keep reading if you don't want to be spoiled.

We will hand it to ABC -- Ali was an excellent choice for "The Bachelorette." We didn't think it was possible for her to become more winsome and likable, but she has done just that. So who are our early favorites? We did a good job last season on the Faves -- we successfuly picked out Tenley and Ali. Let's see how we do with the men. And keep in mind that we've seen the first episode up until the Rose Ceremony, so we don't know who goes home.

frank.jpg Frank, 31, Chicago: Frank is a goofy guy who worked as a Mergers & Acquisitions consultant but was unhappy, so he quit doing that to move to Paris and write screenplays because he says, "Passion is so much more important than money." His reaction when he finds out Ali is the Bachelorette is priceless and he greets Ali by climbing out of the limo's sunroof. We are Frank fans.

phillip.jpg Phil, 30, Chicago: Phil's 22-year-old brother Michael died in 2009 (he doesn't say how), which caused him to re-prioritize his life. Now he's focusing on family and doing the things he cares about, like triathlons. He seems really down-to-earth and sweet.

chris.jpg Chris, 33, Cape Cod: Chris was a high school math teacher in New York City public school system who moved home to care for his ailing mother, because, as he puts it, you can always find another job but you can't find another mom. He seems like a genuinely good guy. Chris also scores major points with us for not wanting to tell Ali about his mom's death on the first night so as not to receive a rose out of sympathy. He wants Ali to like him for him and not just feel sorry for him. Major props.

hunter.jpg Hunter, 28, San Antonio: We like Hunter for his sense of humor. He brings his ukulele and plays Ali a song that goes, "My name is Hunter and I'm 28. Came on the show to find a soul mate. I'm pretty athletic and I love the outdoors, from hikin' to bikin' and fishing on the shores. I can fix about anything around the house. Bet you're thinking I sound like a helluva spouse." He also scores points with us for thinking that too-cool-for-school-hair-piece-having Craig M. from Toronto "is a ******bag."

Hopefully ABC releases the art soon so you can start putting some names with faces. Look for two more previews coming soon -- The Controversial Guys and The Weirdos.

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