Meg Ryan opens her Martha's Vineyard home in Elle Decor

meg-ryan-elle-decor.jpg Meg Ryan is a closet interior designer. And she opens her renovated home to Elle Decor readers, showing off the Martha's Vineyard fixer-upper that she's been working on for years.

She worked with Marsha Russell of Satinwood, who says that the actress was the "visionary" on the project.

Here are some of Meg's personal home decor tips:

Design philosophy: "The whole idea is to keep things as simple as possible; I like everything pared down to its purest form."

Live before renovating: "I lived here for a year before I did anything to the house, which I think is a smart thing to do before you renovate. You want to see how people move around the house, where the traffic is, and where people like to be."