Megan Fox 'Jennifer's Body' pictures make bad look good

meganfox_jennifersbody3_290.jpgIf we knew demonic possession looked this good, we'd have turned to Pazuzu long ago.

Megan Fox is looking seriously good -- good and bad -- in new photos for the upcoming dark horror-comedy "Jennifer's Body." The story follows Jennifer (duh), killed by a devil-worshipping rock band and then brought back by a friendly denizen of the underworld. What's a demon-girl to do but seek revenge on everyone?

Here we see the presumably not-yet-possessed Jennifer:


That doesn't last, of course. Our girl gets down and dirty quickly:


And yes, she can fly. Check out that creepy graffiti cave:


Finally, best friend Amanda Seyfried looks worse for the wear:


See more pictures from "Jennifer's Body." The movie surfaces Sept. 18.

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