Meghan McCain nixes 'DWTS': 'It takes a lot of tequila to get me to dance'

meghan-mccain.jpgWith Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol Palin hoofing it on "Dancing with the Stars," is her former running mate John McCain's daughter Meghan McCain next?

The Dish Rag caught up with Meghan at the Express and Elle 25 at 25 party at the Palihouse in West Hollywood Thursday (Oct 7). And we were surprised to find out that she listens to The Ramones before she does a big interview ("Judy is a Punk Rocker" is her "go-to song").

Catching up with current events, we asked Meghan, who was rockin' her Limited tweed embellished jacket, about B ristol Palin hoofing it on "Dancing with the Stars." We wondered if she would ever appear on the show and what she thinks about Virginia congressional candidate Krystal Ball's risque photos that turned up on the Internet this week.

Has she seen Bristol on DWTS:  "I don't watch "Dancing with the Stars." I watch HBO and a lot of news."

Would she ever go on DWTS: "No one wants to see me dance. I dance like a white girl. It takes a lot of tequila to get me dancing."