Mel B. booed at 'America's Got Talent' New Orleans auditions

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mel-b-americas-got-talent-booed.jpg "America's Got Talent" has kicked off auditions for its eighth season, with two new faces on the judging panel -- Spice Girl Mel B. and supermodel Heidi Klum, And it sounds as though so far, it's been a little rough for Scary Spice.

According to TMZ, the first audition of the day Monday (March 4) was Lagniappe, a brass band that is extremely popular in New Orleans. After their audition, Mel B. reportedly told them she isn't really a fan of brass music -- and the audience went nuts.

The live audience reportedly booed Mel heartily, yelling things like, "No respect" and "Go home!" Mel B. wasn't prepared for such a reaction and leaned on fellow judge Howie Mandel for comfort.

Yeah. Those "AGT" audiences can be pretty rough sometimes.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images