Melanie Griffith talks about rehab as she returns to the stage in Scott Caan's new play

Melanie Griffith gives a candid interview to the Los Angeles Times in conjunction with her return to the stage following a stint in rehab, which she attributes to an intervention by her daughters.

"My daughters really sat me down and said, look, Mom, this is what it is. Dakota and Stella, both. I don't want to say what really happened, but they were the ones who said, 'You really need to get help,' and I heard them and knew what they meant. And I saw it and I did it," says Griffith. "But I couldn't have done it without them. I really couldn't have. And I'm so grateful. I see now I just didn't get it before. It doesn't mean that I'm stupid. It's just that that's what the disease is."

Now she is taking the stage in "No Way Around but Through," a new play written by and starring actor Scott Caan ("Hawaii Five-0").

"I love the way it's written. I like the way Scott writes. He's a young writer -- he's 34. I think he's really gifted. I studied acting in New York with Stella Adler and I spent a year studying playwrights, the great ones, like Clifford Odets. And now people are likening Scott to [David] Mamet," says Griffith.

The play is getting good reviews by Los Angeles critics. It runs through July 8 at the Falcon Theatre in Burbank.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images