Melissa Etheridge's songs 'aren't gay enough' for 'Glee'

melissa-ethridge2.jpg Melissa Etheridge, whose new album "Fearless Love," is coming out soon, was asked by our pals at Popeater about the recent Newsweek gay actors playing straight controversy

To recap: A Newsweek theatre critic wrote that Sean Hayes was too gay to play straight in the Broadway play, 'Promises, Promises.' His costar Kristin Chenoweth wrote a letter to Newsweek scolding them for discrimination, "Glee" creator Ryan Murphy called for a boycott of the mag, and GLAAD asked for an apology.

"Oh, the gays are getting miffed!, replied Etheridge. "Don't tell us we're too gay or not or whatever. Oh lord, what is gay, anyway? Find me the line -- find me the defining line between gay and straight. Find me the defining line between male and female. There is no line... Behind all of it is sexual insecurity. It's sexphobia."