Melissa King sex tape confirmed by video from porn company

Well, the smoking gun in the Melissa King sex tape scandal has arrived. The company who shot the video, GirlsDoPorn, has released a second clip of the pageant queen, one in which she identifies herself by name, and reads her contract with the company to the camera. The video appears to take place in the same motel room as the sex tape.

In the clip, King says she's not under the influence of any drugs, and she's participating in the video of her own free will. She also says the date the video was shot, May 19. As was reported Saturday, King first approached the company about doing the video. When she expressed an interest in doing more, GDP passed due to her being "frigid." She was payed the sum of $1,500 for her appearance. 

King also has warrants out for her arrest, after no-showing court appearances stemming from charges of stealing from a city bus fare box, and underage possession of alcohol.
Photo/Video credit: Twitter/GDP