Happy birthday, Melissa McBride: Her best 'The Walking Dead' moments

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melissa-mcbride-the-walking-dead-gi.jpgThanks to "The Walking Dead," Melissa McBride has had a pretty great year. She's has fans clamoring for her to get some well-deserved Emmy love for her role as Carol Peletier in Season 4, as she gave arguably the most powerful performance of the ensemble in the episode "The Grove."

But McBride has been an MVP of the series ever since its premiere. In honor of McBride's 49th birthday on May 23, here's a look back at her best moments throughout the course of the AMC series.

melissa-mcbride-the-walking-dead-1.gif melissa-mcbride-the-walking-dead-2.gif melissa-mcbride-the-walking-dead-3.gif
melissa-mcbride-the-walking-dead-4.gif melissa-mcbride-the-walking-dead-5.gif
melissa-mcbride-the-walking-dead-7.gif melissa-mcbride-the-walking-dead-8.gif melissa-mcbride-the-walking-dead-9.gif melissa-mcbride-the-walking-dead-11.gif melissa-mcbride-the-walking-dead-12.gif melissa-mcbride-the-walking-dead-13.gif melissa-mcbride-the-walking-dead-14.gif melissa-mcbride-the-walking-dead-15.gif
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images/AMC