'Melrose Place' back to being a sexy bitch

Remember last year's OMFG campaign for "Gossip Girl"? Well, The CW is looking to recapture that marketing magic for "Melrose Place."

And while we had a clear favorite "Gossip Girl" poster -- the one that twisted the Parents Television Council's condemnation "Mind-Blowing Inappropriate" into a good thing -- it's really hard to choose when it comes to "Melrose Place."

'Melrose Place' alum we'd like to see return

For now, we're going to go with "Tuesdays Are a Bitch" since it's the one to feature old-school "MP" goddess Laura Leighton alongside whippersnappers Katie Cassidy and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and is a callback to the old FOX "Melrose Place" campaign "Mondays Are a Bitch" ...


... but "Menage a Tues" and "Tuesday's the New Humpday" both have something to recommend them as well.

To see the other two posters, check out Hollywood Reporter's Live Feed. They have an exclusive first look at all three.

In case you missed it, "Melrose Place" airs Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. ET beginning Sept. 8.

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