'Melrose Place' finale pics: Is this the last we'll see of them?

"Melrose Place" airs its Season 1 finale on Tuesday, April 13. While some of us at Zap2it are still hoping for a miracle, the likelihood of a Season 2 is getting more dubious by the day, so this may be your last chance to see long time favorites like Amanda Woodard ( Heather Locklear) and Sydney Andrews ( Laura Leighton).

Yes, Laura Leighton is back, as confirmed by the photos below. It's possible that she's returning for another flashback, but since Sydney appears to be sitting in the WPK offices, we're guessing that it's some kind of dream or vision of Amanda's.

Last week, Amanda fired Ella ( Katie Cassidy) after setting her up to be busted for embezzlement. If anyone can out-blackmail Amanda Woodward, though, it's our girl Ella, so we're sure she won't go down without a fight.



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Photo credit: The CW