'Men at Work' preview: Jane Seymour strips down in 'Gigo-Milo'

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In Wednesday's (Feb. 12) episode of "Men at Work," Milo ( Danny Masterson) meets with a book publisher played by the stunning Jane Seymour. Naturally, someone winds up naked.

In a preview for the episode, entitled "Gigo-Milo," Seymour's spotted in her bra and panties, so chances are that play on "gigolo" in the title is a pretty good hint at just what lengths Milo will go go to for a publishing deal.

Seymour's not the only high-profile guest, though. Comedy legend Ed Asner also stops by as an intern hired by Neal ( Adam Busch). That ought to go well.

Check out the preview above. "Men at Work" airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on TBS.
Photo/Video credit: TBS