'Men At Work' video: 'One Tree Hill's' Bethany Joy Lenz and Michael Cassidy get their flirt on

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men-at-work-bethany-joy-lenz-michael-cassidy-tyler-meg.jpgOn next week's episode of "Men at Work," Bethany Joy Lenz makes her first TV appearance since saying goodbye to "One Tree Hill" -- and she's ditching the angst and drama for some straight-up comedy. Now, Zap2it has your exclusive first look clip at Lenz's new role as Meg, a single mom who connects with Tyler ( Michael Cassidy) in the produce aisle.

When Tyler shows up to take Meg on a date, he's surprised to meet her babysitter -- who is also her ex-husband Bryan, played by Cassidy's former "The O.C." co-star and current "Southland" cop Benjamin McKenzie. Despite Bryan's history with Meg, the dudes get along pretty well. Almost too well.

Tune in to TBS on Thursday, May 9 at 10 p.m. EST. to see the big teen drama reunion go down. In the meantime, watch Cassidy and Lenz get their flirt on in the clip below.

Photo/Video credit: TBS