Meredith Vieira's worst 'Today Show' guest: Stephen Colbert?

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On "Watch What Happens Live" Tuesday (Nov. 19), former "Today" host Meredith Vieira was subjected to host Andy Cohen's game "Plead the the Fifth," where he asks a guest three pretty squirm-worthy questions and they can only plead the Fifth to one of them.

Vieira was first asked to rank the ladies of "The View" in order from favorite to least favorite and she pleaded the Fifth before Cohen even finished the question.

But then her next question was, "Who was the worst guest in your years on the 'Today Show.'" After much hemming and hawing, Vieira says, "It's a famous person who was having a difficult day, it's a comedian. ... first name Steve."

Who do you suppose she means? We have a guess that it's the above interview with Stephen Colbert. The part where he says he has "tw***ed" was cut out of the official online version, but it's below.

UPDATE: An interview with Steve Martin has been brought to our attention as well, it's below. But we don't think the Martin one is as awkward as the Colbert one.

In addition, Vieira's third question was about Ann Curry's departure and she has this to say, "I don't think it was handled particularly well. They just didn't handle it well. It is what it is and Ann ended up having a great job afterwards. ... She's wonderful."

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images