'Merlin': The 'Harry Potter' connection

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Morgana and Merlin.jpgIn this Friday's (Feb. 10) all new "Merlin," our favorite boy wizard (Colin Morgan) is inadvertently captured by Morgana (Katie McGrath), who tortures him and puts him under her control with the use of a Fomorroh, a multi-headed serpent with deadly powers. She sends him off to kill Arthur (Bradley James). There have been the obvious comparisons to "Harry Potter" and boy wizards before, but co-creator and executive producer Johnny Capps in a press release that the progression of the show is very similar as well.

One thing this show has always done well is to take a slow road towards darker themes, while keeping the humor and fun well balanced. "That was always what we had in our minds," said Capps: "to let the series grow darker, but never lose sight of its warmth and humor. Our strategy for the show has always been to create an action-adventure show that appeals to and entertains the entire family," Capps says. "The other important thing about Merlin is that each season we refresh it and, as the characters get older and the stakes get higher, then the series gets darker, just like in the "Harry Potter" films."

"The darker we go, the funnier we go, too," Capps explains. "That's always been an important focus for us. No matter how dark the series gets, you never lose the emotional heart of it." Check out the new photos from this episode and let us know who you're rooting for.

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Photo/Video credit: Syfy/BBC