Met Gala 2013: Anne Hathaway goes blonde for the punk theme inspired by Debbie Harry

anne-hathaway-blonde-hair-cut-met-gala.jpgWe've seen Anne Hathaway blonde before -- as the White Queen in "Alice in Wonderland" and as Jake Gyllenhaal's unfortunate wife in "Brokeback Mountain." But now she's lightened up in real life and debuted a platinum pixie hairstyle at Monday's Met Gala 2013 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Hathaway, who wore a black dress from Valentino's 1992 collection (does that even count as vintage?) said her look was inspired by Debbie Harry. Given the evening's "punk" theme, taking cues from the Blondie lead singer isn't a bad idea at all!

The Valentino moment almost makes up for this year's Oscars, when Hathaway ditched her Valentino dress at the last minute because it looked too much like her "Les Miserables" co-star Amanda Seyfried's pick.


Photo/Video credit: Getty Images