Met Gala 2013: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and more sisters rocking the red carpet

mary-kate-ashley-olsen-met-gala-2013.jpgIt's a punk-themed Met Gala 2013 -- complete with some crazy dye jobs and a Morticia-Addams-meets-Billy-Idol look. But how did the sister pairs fare?

Above are twins Mary-Kate (right) and Ashley Olsen (left). MK seems to be channeling Little Edie in a navy blue dress and yellow coat with fur cuffs and collar, while Ashley is sporting an orange sparkly dress with a sheer overlay.

We aren't sure either one of them screams "punk" -- what do you think?

Below (top) are sisters Rooney (right) and Kate Mara (left). They might win for the least-similar outfits out of the pairs of sisters. Rooney seems to be equating "punk" with "goth," while Kate looks late for the homecoming dance.

Finally, we have Dakota (right) and Elle Fanning (left). Elle's a little too hippie to be punk and Dakota just looks pretty.

Thoughts, readers? Which sisterly pair got it right for the punk night?

kate-rooney-mara-met-gala-2013.jpg elle-dakota-fanning-met-gala-2013.jpg
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images