Michael Bublé busts on Kim Kardashian at concert

kim-kardashian-michael-bubl.jpgModern-day crooner Michael Bublé has taken his turn slamming the Kim Kardashian- Kris Humphries divorce. At his iHeartRadio concert over the weekend in New York City, concertgoers report that Bublé all of a sudden said, "Ladies and gentlemen, I have a very special guest. Please welcome Kim Kardashian [to the stage]."

Naturally, the audience gasped in surprise. Bublé then laughed and said, "Nah, just f****** with you! That b**** isn't coming on my stage."

Bublé then dedicated Nina Simone's song "Feeling Good" to Kris Humphries and later said, "She hurt him, she hurt him! I wish she had hurt me!"

Huh. That is such a random bit of news. Bublé currently has a new album out. It's titled "Christmas" and features all the holiday classics.

[ Ed's note: The above picture is not from the aforementioned concert. We just thought it was funny.]
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images