Michael Clarke Duncan's grave vandalized with 'Sambo' face, say family members

michael-clarke-duncan-grave-vandalized-sambo.jpgFamily members of late actor Michael Clarke Duncan tell TMZ that the grave site where Duncan was laid to rest has been vandalized by an unknown person and that a report has been filed with the police.

Reportedly, a family friend was visiting the tomb at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Hollywood to put flowers on Duncan's grave when she noticed a cartoon-like black face had been placed on the front of the tomb (pictured above).

This family friend says the image is of "Sambo," a racist term that stems from the 1899 book "The Story of Little Black Sambo." The family has contacted the Los Angeles Police Department, who said the incident may be considered a hate crime. The LAPD is currently investigating.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images, TMZ