Michael Lohan paternity test reveals Lindsay Lohan's 17-year-old half-sister Ashley Horn

ashley-horn-lindsay-lohan-michael.jpgWhen Michael Lohan was accused of fathering a child in 1995 while still married to Lindsay Lohan's mother, Dina Lohan, you might think he'd want to take care of an investigation privately. You know, given the fact that there's a 17-year-old girl involved, and that finding out her father is one of the most despised tabloid figures in the country might be emotionally troubling enough without a whole bunch of public involvement.

Naturally, Michael decided the appropriate thing to do would be to reveal the results of a paternity test on a talk show. Michael appears on "The Trisha Goddard Show" today, along with 17-year-old Ashley Horn and her mother, Kristi Horn. Goddard reveals that Michael is, indeed, Ashley's father. Michael had previously denied allegations and refused to pay child support.

"I don't want to be part of the Lohan trainwreck," Ashley says on the show. When the results are revealed, Michael stands up to hug Ashley. She cries, "No! No! No!" but he does it anyway. "This is the first time I've met you. I'm sorry, but I'm not sure," she stutters.

"It's okay. Everything in time, honey," he replies.

Photo/Video credit: TMZ/Trisha Goddard Show