Michele Norris, NPR host, steps down as husband joins Obama campaign

michele-norris-getty.jpgNPR listeners, your world is about to be rocked. Michele Norris, the host of NPR's "All Things Considered," is stepping down from her position, as she feels that she will not be able to remain impartial, given the fact that her husband, Broderick Johnson, has accepted a position with Barack Obama's campaign for reelection.

"Given the nature of Broderick's position with the campaign and the impact that it will most certainly have on our family life, I will temporarily step away from my hosting duties until after the 2012 elections," she told colleagues in an e-mail memo. "I will be wearing a different hat for a while, producing signature segments and features and working on new reporting projects. While I will of course recuse myself from all election coverage, there's still an awful lot of ground that I can till in this interim role."

Norris isn't unfamiliar to this dilemma. In 2004, she took a similar leave when her husband worked with John Kerry's campaign. When he was an "unpaid advisor" in Obama's 2008 campaign, however, she did not adjust her job accordingly.
Photo/Video credit: Gett