Michelle Obama's bangs and 5 more things Karl Lagerfeld hates

Michelle Obama's new bangs got rave reviews during Barack Obama's inauguration ceremony, but outspoken fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld is not a fan. The Chanel creative head tells a French television show, "The fringe was a bad idea. It's not good." Though he says he admires the First Lady, Karl equates her new look to that of a news anchor. On that note, here are 5 other things curmudgeonly Karl hates.

1) Pippa Middleton's Face

While describing Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton's "romantic beauty," Lagerfeld slammed Prince William's sister-in-law, saying, "I don't like the sister's face. She should only show her back." Charming.

2) Adele's Body

As in the case of Mrs. Obama, Karl speaks out both sides of his mouth, simultaneously slamming and praising Adele. Lagerfeld told a French magazine of the "Skyfall" singer, "She is a little too fat, but she has a beautiful face and a divine voice." He later apologized. Sort of.

3) Heidi Klum's Career

Heidi Klum is a nobody in fashion, according to Lagerfeld. Amid hub-bub over a different designer claiming the former Victoria's Secret model is too heavy for the catwalk, Karl piled on to the press, saying "I don't know her. Claudia Schiffer doesn't know her. She was never in Paris; we don't know her." News break, Karl: Millions of "Project Runway" viewers know (and love) her.

4) Newsweek's Reporters

Pulitzer-prize winning fashion reporter Tina Brown dared to call Lagerfeld overrated, to which he responded by telling reporters he has never heard of the woman before pulling her front row seat at his fashion show. In a later press conference, Karl said of Brown and Newsweek, "She is dying ... with a s****y little paper like this."

5) Seal's Skin

Along with slamming Seal's then-wife Klum, Karl lashed out at the "Kiss From A Rose" singer, dissing his skin. Seal's face is marked with scars from a childhood battle with the auto-immune disease Lupus. "I am no dermatologist but I wouldn't want his skin," Karl said to the UK's Sun. "Mine looks better than his. He is covered in craters." Alright, Lagerfeld ... Time to get a life.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images