Michelle Rodriguez, Cara Delevingne share sloppy kisses at Knicks game - Pics

Michelle Rodriguez sure looks like she had a good time at the New York Knicks game Tuesday night (Jan. 7). The former "Lost" star watched the game courtside with Chanel model Cara Delevingne, and the two seemed pretty close.

Rodriguez and Delevingne can be seen in photos spending the night hanging all over each other with drinks in hand. Page Six even has a picture of the two caught up in the moment, sharing a pretty sloppy-looking kiss. Neither looks particularly sober and according to TMZ, Rodriguez was intoxicated throughout the night and "all over" Delevingne.

There's no word in whether the two are an official item or not, though Rodriguez has said in the past that she's been in relationships with both men and women. For the record, the Knicks won the game.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images