Michelle Williams talks depression: 'It is OK to go get help'

michelle-williams-depression-destinys-child-2.jpg Michelle Williams, who it is rumored is set to reunite with her Destiny's Child cohorts for the halftime show of Super Bowl XLVII, is coming out about her struggle with depression the last few years.

"I've dealt with depression. I had to choose to get out of bed and do whatever I needed to do to be happy," Williams tells the AP in a break from rehearsals for a new touring company of "Fela!"

Williams, 32, says she started experiencing depression as a teenager and is speaking out about it now in the hopes she can encourage others to seek help if they need it.

"We're taught, 'Just go to church and pray about it. The Lord is going to heal you.' Well, in the meantime, I believe God-gifted people, physicians, doctors, therapists -- that's your healing. Take advantage of it," says Williams. "Go see a professional so that they can assess you. It's OK if you're going through something. Depression is not OK, but it is OK to go get help."

"Sometimes you're going to wake up on the wrong side of the bed or some situation might have you down in the dumps, but you have to choose to be happy. I'm choosing life," says Williams.

In addition to touring with "Fela!", Williams is looking forward to Tuesday, Jan. 29, which is the day "Love Songs," the new Destiny's Child album, drops. It is a collection of previously released songs plus a new track called "Nuclear."

She says of the new song, "Stacking those harmonies on top (of) each other gave me goose bumps. We were like, 'We still sound good together.' Duh! The bond will never die. We're always going to be close. We're always going to work together."

But she played coy in confirming the Super Bowl halftime show. "Who knows?" says Williams. "We make sure not to go too long without doing something."

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images