'Mike & Molly' Season 3 finale pulled from CBS after Oklahoma tornadoes

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mike-and-molly-finale-pulled-tornado.jpgCBS is postponing the season finale of its comedy "Mike & Molly" in the aftermath of devastating tornadoes that hit Oklahoma and other parts of the central United States in the past couple of days.

The show's third-season finale deals in part with a tornado bearing down on Chicago, which leads Mike ( Billy Gardell) and Molly ( Melissa McCarthy) to make a couple of big confessions to each other. The network says in a statement that "due to the tragic events in Oklahoma" this afternoon, it's pre-empting the episode.

A repeat will air in its place at 9:30 p.m. ET, and the finale will be rescheduled for "an appropriate date."

A huge tornado struck near Oklahoma City early Monday afternoon, leveling buildings and creating a wide swath of damage. The twister follows several others touching down Oklahoma and Kansas over the weekend.

Photo/Video credit: CBS