Mila Kunis: 30 roles to celebrate her 30th birthday

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Mila Kunis turns 30 on Wednesday (Aug. 14). In order to celebrate the actress' life and long career -- she started appearing in movies and television shows as a child -- here are 30 career highlights (and lowlights) from Kunis' 30 years on this planet.

From "Black Swan" to "Santa with Muscles" (a holiday classic starring Hulk Hogan) to "That '70s Show," Kunis has already had an impressive career.

1. "Tar" -- as Catherine (to be released in Dec. 2013)

1-tar-mila-kunis.jpg2. "Blood Ties" -- as Natalie (to be released in Oct. 2013)

2-blood-ties-mila-kunis.jpg3. "Family Guy" -- as the voice of Meg Griffin (1999-present)

3-family-guy-mila-kunis.jpg4. "Oz the Great and Powerful" -- as Theodora (2013)

4-oz-the-great-and-powerful-mila-kunis.jpg5. "Ted" -- as Lori Collins (2012)

5-ted-mila-kunis.jpg6. "Robot Chicken" -- multiple parts (2005-2011)

6-robot-chicken-mila-kunis.jpg7. "Friends with Benefits" -- as Jamie (2011)

7-friends-with-benefits-mila-kunis.jpg8. "Black Swan" -- as Lily/The Black Swan (2010)

8-black-swan-mila-kunis.jpg9. "Date Night" -- as Whippit (2010)

9-date-night-mila-kunis.jpg10. "The Book of Eli" -- as Solara (2010)

10-the-book-of-eli-mila-kunis.jpg11. "Extract" -- as Cindy (2009)

11-extract-mila-kunis.jpg12. "Max Payne" -- as Mona Sax (2008)

12-max-payne-mila-kunis.jpg13. "Boot Camp" -- as Sophie (2008)

13-boot-camp-mila-kunis.jpg14. "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" -- as Rachel Jansen (2008)

14-forgetting-sarah-marshall-mila-kunis.jpg15. "After Sex" -- as Nikki (2007)

15-after-sex-mila-kunis.jpg16. "Moving McAllister" -- Michelle McAllister (2007)

16-moving-mcallister-mila-kunis.jpg17. "That '70s Show" -- as Jackie Burkhart (1998-2006)

17-that-70s-show-mila-kunis.jpg18. "Grounded for Life" -- as Lana (2004)

18-mila-kunis-grounded-for-life.jpg19. "Tony 'n' Tina's Wedding" -- as Tina (2004)

19-tony-n-tinas-wedding-mila-kunis.jpg20. "American Psycho II: All-American Girl" -- as Rachael (2002)

20-american-psycho-ii-mila-kunis.jpg21. "Get Over It" -- as Basin (2001)

21-get-over-it-mila-kunis.jpg22. "Krippendorf's Tribe" -- as Abbey Tournquist (1998)

22-krippendoorfs-tribe-mila-kunis.jpg23. "7th Heaven" -- as Ashley (1996-1997)

23-7th-heaven-mila-kunis.jpg24. "Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves" -- as Jill (1997)

24-honey-we-shrunk-ourselves-mila-kunis.jpg25. "Walker, Texas Ranger" -- as Pepper (1997)

25-walker-texas-ranger-mila-kunis.jpg26. "Santa with Muscles" -- as Sarah (1996)

26-santa-with-muscles-mila-kunis.jpg27. "Unhappily Ever After" -- as Chloe (1996)

27-unhappily-ever-after-mila-kunis.jpg28. "Baywatch" -- as Annie (1994) and Bonnie (1995)

28-baywatch-mila-kunis.jpg29. "Piranha" -- as Susie Grogan (1995)

29-mila-kunis-piranha.jpg30. "The John Larroquette Show" -- as Lucy (1995)


Photo/Video credit: FOX, Internet Fair Use