Miley Cyrus and porn star Jessie Andrews in DJ Borgore's 'Decisions' music video

miley-cyrus-decisions-video.jpg Miley Cyrus is a grown-up, y'all. If the haircut, engagement and sexy role on "Two and a Half Men" haven't gotten that across yet, maybe her next move will: She appears alongside porn star Jessie Andrews in a new music video, shot recently at Hollywood's Roosevelt Hotel.

How did Cyrus and Andrews wind up together? Well, they're both in the video for Israeli DJ Borgore's "Decisions." Andrews happens to be Borgore's ex-girlfriend (and possibly the subject of the song).

While the whole video isn't out yet, you can see Cyrus and her tight, short dress in a behind-the-scenes featurette about the shoot.

Another thing you should know: The chorus to "Decisions" declares that "bitches love cake." Explains Borgore, "The song 'Decisions' is about how much bitches love cake." Good to know!

But wait -- cake is actually, like, a metaphor for something. Says Borgore, the song is "about how a lot of people in life become your friend ... when you're becoming successful or when you've got money or whatever you see as cake."

Check out the sneak peek below: