Miley Cyrus at iHeartRadio: Nipple pasties, twerking little people and more

miley-cyrus-iheartradio-nipple-pasties.jpgOh Miley Cyrus. She might just be being Miley, but the 20-year-old pop star sure knows how to get people talking with her outrageous behavior.

On Sept. 21, Cyrus performed twice at Las Vegas' iHeartRadio music festival. She must have been trying to keep cool in the hot desert temperatures, because her two white outfits left little to the imagination. While her fist daytime look had her in skimpy white lingerie, the nighttime outfit was only a fishnet dress with furry longsleeves that had nothing under it but barely-there white underpants and black nipple pasties. Yes, really.

But Cyrus' antics didn't end with just her buzzworthy outfits. The set at her shows involved human-sized mushrooms, and she twerked alongside a crew of little people. If that wasn't over the top enough, she also sang into a microphone that was made to look like a partially peeled banana. And let's not forget that she cried while singing "Wrecking Ball."

This type of behavior has divided Cyrus' fans and critics, but love her or hate her, one thing's for sure: she knows how to keep herself in the headlines.

miley-cyrus-iheartradio-night.jpg miley-cyrus-iheartradio-night-little-people.jpg miley-cyrus-iheartradio-night-2.jpg miley-cyrus-iheartradio-night-little-people-2.jpg miley-cyrus-iheartradio-night-3.jpg miley-cyrus-iheartradio-night-mushrooms.jpg miley-cyrus-iheartradio-night-4.jpg miley-cyrus-iheartradio-day.jpg miley-cyrus-iheartradio-day-2.jpg

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images