MuchMusic 2010: Should Miley Cyrus's fashion be tamed? VOTE!

miley-cyrus-slutty.jpgDespite the recent controversy over her  fashion choices, Miley ("I'm not trying to be slutty") Cyrus kept the focus on her attire by wearing a provocative sliced black fishnet top with rhinestones, skin-tight leather hot pants, striped socks and black heels at this weekend's MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto.

One has to wonder what she would have worn if she was trying to be slutty.

The scantily-clad singer, 17, performed her hit "Party in the U.S.A." and Justin Bieber -- in his usual hoodie -- joined her onstage.

Miley has continued to defend her flesh-flaunting fashion choices.

"We are up there just dressing up; we are just having fun. It's about the girls and guys who are living their dream playing dress up. I don't walk around in a bikini and bright red lipstick all the time. 'Cause that's just who you are when you are performing and what goes into that song."

She also wore a very cool white strappy corset-like outfit and a very sexy black leather dress at the MuchMusic event.

  The Dish Rag thinks Miley's outfits are fine for the stage. Hey, she's a performer. If she was wearing these sexy get-ups to school, clubs or parties, it might be an issue.