Miley Cyrus forgets her shirt at Billboard Music Awards

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miley-cyrus-billboard-rc-gi.jpgWe know it's hot in Las Vegas. But Miley Cyrus must have been really warm on the red carpet at Sunday's (May 20) Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas.

Cyrus went the suit-jacket-with-nothing-underneath route on the red carpet. And we really mean nothing.

We've seen that before, but usually the wearer has her legs covered. Miley? Not so much.

The jacket/minidress certainly stands out, we'll give her that. And for someone who's trying to break away from the teenybopper image, it's a pretty savvy choice. (Also, her hair looked very nice, in a Rachel Green-circa-Season 2 of "Friends" kind of way.)

We just hope she doesn't get cold inside the arena.

What do you think of Miley's red-carpet look?
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images