Miley Cyrus reminds Wiz Khalifa to thank Amber Rose at Billboard Music Awards 2012

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amber-rose-wiz-khalifa-billboard-awards-getty.jpgHey, winning a Billboard Music Award is a big deal for a newbie, so we can't blame Wiz Khalifa for almost forgetting to thank a very special someone when he picked up his award for Top New Artist on Sunday night.

Lucky for Wiz, whose "Black & Yellow" topped the charts this year, Miley Cyrus was on stage to present the award to him -- and, more importantly, to give him a little nudge during his acceptance speech.

He thanked God, his parents, his family, "everybody who like you know just let me do what I do to get to this point," his label, the DJs, and a few career influences. When it looked like he was floundering, though, Miley leaned in. "Don't forget your girl," she said. "Don't forget your girl."

"Of course! My beautiful fianc�e," he said, as the camera panned to Amber Rose, who was more sparkly than Edward Cullen in the sunshine. "She's my world and she puts up with my crazy butt, too." Wiz and Amber announced their engagement via Twitter on March 1.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images