Miley Cyrus rocks money crop top and miniskirt: Her 5 other most wild looks

miley-cyrus-weird-looks-lead-gi.jpgWhen you're a megastar like Miley Cyrus, stepping out to do some grocery shopping with your mom in a get-up that includes a money-print crop top and miniskirt is no big deal. While us mere mortals may balk at such an involved outfit for our daily chores, Cyrus knows she's not like us, for better or worse.

Her trip to a Trader Joe's in Toluca Lake on July 12 with mom Tish (see the pic here) is hardly the first time Cyrus has flexed her outré fashion muscle. Let's take a look at her five other most wild looks.

5. miley-cyrus-weird-looks-1-gi-jpgCyrus stepped out in this get-up to perform at Borgore's "Christmas Creampies" concert in Dec. 2012 (whatever that is) and the whole thing is insane and head-scratching. The singer has a terrific body, but these high-waisted pants are ill-fitting. And those crazy boots? No.

4. miley-cyrus-weird-looks-2-gi-jpgThis one was a good look on Cyrus, but no less wild. Performing a cover of Billy Idol's "Rebel Yell" at "VH1 Divas" 2012, the singer stepped out in this tough-as-nails Mad Max-esque look, further cementing the idea that she was no longer the same girl who took the stage as Hannah Montana.

3. miley-cyrus-weird-looks-5-gi.jpgThis look is wild, for sure, but we're conflicted on how we feel about it. The embellishment on the jacket (not to mention the weird sleeve cutouts), coupled with her lady comb over, have us scratching our heads.

2. miley-cyrus-weird-looks-3-gi-jpgAt first glance, there's nothing much wrong with this. It's like an early 2000's Gwen Stefani. And then you zoom in on those sandals. And then there's plenty wrong. Dressing wild should never make you look like you have hairy toenails.

1. miley-cyrus-werird-looks-4-gi.jpgLook, we get that the theme at 2013's Met Gala was Punk. We get it. But this looks like Cyrus is channeling Pinhead from the "Hellraiser" franchise. It was the moment that the artist's penchant for wild veered into insane.

Which wild Miley look is your favorite?
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images