Miley Cyrus says 'We Can't Stop' video is 'based on true events': 5 GIFs that need more explanation

miley-cyrus-we-cant-stop-music-video-moments.jpgIn the midst of a press tour for new single "We Can't Stop," Miley Cyrus stopped by "Good Morning America" on Wednesday (June 26) morning for a performance. While there, she addressed criticism lobbed at the recently-released music video for the track, which has been deemed too racy and bizarre by some.

Of the video, she says, "It shows exactly where I was at that time in my life when we started working on 'We Can't Stop.' The video is based on true events and some funny things that have gone down in my life so it's been great, I feel like, to let people see that of me and not just be the glammed-up beauty shot girl because that's not who I am. I'm just about having fun."

Cue the record scratch. While we're all about a good time here at Zap2It, we're going to need a little elaboration on that whole "based on true events" part. Behold, the five moments in the "We Can't Stop" music video, in GIF form, that beg more explanation:

5. Man eating money sandwich

miley-cyrus-we-cant-stop-video-money-sandwich.gifMiley, girl, when did this happen? When on Earth did you (or someone you know) put a bunch of money in some bread and take a big bite? Never. That's when. Never.

4. Miley spanks herself while riding a stationary bike

miley-cyrus-we-cant-stop-music-video-stationary-bike-spank.gifWell, that's one way to keep from a numb butt. Is this how you stay so toned, Miley?

3. Diva strut with dead animals

Taxidermy, y'all -- it's all the rage.

2. French fry skull

miley-cyrus-we-cant-stop-music-video-french-fry-skull.gifWe repeat -- French fry skull. What? How? Why?

And 1. (drum roll please) This nightmare image

miley-cyrus-we-cant-stop-music-video-finger-slicing.gifDid we forget about that time Miley cut off all her fingers? Seems like something we'd remember.

Which moment from the "We Can't Stop" video do you think is the most delightfully insane?
Photo/Video credit: Internet - Fair Use