Miley Cyrus stars in Big Sean's 'Fire' music video, sadly does not twerk

miley-cyrus-big-sean-fire-music-video-youtube.jpgThe rap world really seems taken with Miley Cyrus as of late. First she appeared as a guest vocalist in Snoop Dogg (excuse us, Snoop Lion's) "Ashtrays & Heartbreaks" and's "Fall Down." Then, Jay Z rapped about her twerking prowess on new song "Somewhereinamerica." Now, she's starring in Big Sean's latest video.

Big Sean dropped his latest video, for the single "Fire," on Friday (Aug. 2), which finds Cyrus stricking all sort of seductive poses while rocking a barely-there wardrobe. Sadly, none of her famed twerking is on display.

The rapper explained why he chose to work with the "We Can't Stop" singer on the clip, though it's rather convoluted. "I wanted somebody who was beautiful and I wanted to take her out of her element," he tells MTV News. "People looking at her like she's twerking and all this stuff, but she's an awesome person, man. She symbolizes the beauty of a lot of women overcoming different relationships and being as beautiful as a flower."

Uh, sure, Big Sean. Whatever you say.

Check out the music video for Big Sean's "Fire," starring Cyrus, below. Beware the language.

Photo/Video credit: Vevo