Miley Cyrus strips down in 'So Undercover' stills

Miley Cyrus is sexy now, y'all!

Stills from Cyrus' upcoming movie "So Undercover" have just been released and they include a few shots of the teen queen in her underwear. In the film, Cyrus plays a young, street-smart private eye working for the FBI who infiltrates a sorority to protect a mobster's daughter. Scantily clad fun ensues. It's pretty cool.

In addition to rocking some hot pink pajamas, Cyrus will also show off her fighting skills in the comedy. "I've been actually doing all kinds of stuff. I've been doing fighting, like learning how to box, mostly like street fighting, so knowing how to, like, if someone comes up from behind you, being able to defend yourself," Cyrus told MTV. "I have a trainer and I have bruises everywhere from, like, kicking the bags.  I've learned how to use guns, which was really scary. I cried the first time, I was like, 'I'm not doing this ... can't do this movie,' but then you get used to it, you get used to the feeling."

Also starring in the film are Jeremy Piven, Autumn Reeser, Joshua Bowman, Kelly Osbourne and Mike O'Malley. The film is scheduled to hit theaters in October.


Photo/Video credit: The Weinstein Company