Miley Cyrus twerks at the royal wedding and more in new meme

Miley Cyrus is once again the subject of the internet's mocking with a new meme. The singer tweeted a picture of herself taken during a photo shoot, in which she's twerking upside down. The move is known as "expressing yourself," as seen in the song  Diplo song "Express Yourself."

Now the photo has taken on a life of its own as the good people at the  Huffington Post have inserted Miley expressing herself into all sorts of interesting situations, from the royal wedding to the moon landing. She even ends up performing with Destiny's Child at the Super Bowl. What did the world do to pass time before Photoshop?

What no one can seem to explain is how Miley learns about these things. Is she the most gangster person ever produced by the state of Tennessee? If her gold grill and BFF Snoop Dogg are any indication, she just might be. Though there's not much less gangster than a unicorn onesie, so maybe she's still in training.

Check out some of the best pictures of Miley twerking her way around the world and in space below:

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images/Twitter